Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's 3:28 pm in Chicago. I'm sitting on my porch swing for the first time in weeks, maybe months. With all the traveling, hot weather, rain and just plain exhaustion, I have not been visiting my dear "friend" porch swing like I've wanted to. It feels oddly weird to sit here and feel calm, peaceful, disconnected to all the craziness of my life. To sit and pray. To be quiet. To close my eyes, inhale fresh air deeply and exhale stress and toxic thoughts. To feel the cool kisses of wind on my skin and face. To sip my sweet tea (I mean, this is exactly why it was created - for moments like this). My mind keeps going back to my to do list inside the house but God keeps bringing me back to the porch, the quiet.
"Just be in this moment baby girl. Enjoy my peace. Embrace my refreshment. So not be distracted from the hubbub and haste of life. Where you feel breathless and spent, sit in my stillness, in my healing."
How could I deny such love? The one thing I desire the most. A love that comforts, heals and sits with me in the chaos of my soul, the restlessness of my spirit, the anxiety of an unknown future. A love that sees me, knows the depths of me and still says You are the apple of my eye.
The wind keeps blowing. It's non stop. It feels refreshing, free...and then, right in my moment of silence, two teenagers starting yelling and screaming at each other. They won't stop. Reminds me of this battle we live in... Tension vs. Peace. Chaos vs. Peace. We can't escape the chaos but we can fight for moments of peace.
Thank you Daddy for today's moment.
Baby girl, thank you for pressing to take care of your spirit.
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